Innovation and actively seeking new business opportunities are essential for business growth. Businesses that regularly look for opportunities to introduce new ideas and products into their business often become more competitive than they were before.

Intellectual Property

Remember that it is important to protect the Intellectual Property in your business. This is particularly true if you are developing new products in your business.

Intellectual Property is not merely restricted to inventions and patents. It can include branding, trademarks and logos, so make sure you protect the things that are valuable to your business.

Tax Incentives

There may be tax incentives for businesses who invest in research and development within their business. Find out whether your business can benefit from Research and Development Tax Credits. You may want to discuss this with your accountant or a professional who is knowledgeable in this particular area.

Innovation Advice

There is a wealth of useful advice and links on the D2N2 Growth Hub Innovation page. that businesses can benefit from.

You will find specialist innovation advice on Innovate UK 

For more detail on specific innovation projects visit Funding for Innovation at UKRI 

You may also find Innovate UK Edge useful; aimed at high growth businesses.